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Your mission is to protect your base and tag your opponent’s. Escape down narrow, winding passages through fog and flashing lights, staying out of the line of fire. Our hi-tech, 4 level maze is full of evolving tricks and turns to keep you on your toes.



Operation Mindfall

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Magic Portal

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An independent, international intelligence organization, operating at the highest level of secrecy to protect the world from danger. Our sources report that the secret research company, Spider Technologies, has developed a virus for mind control and has already infected 20% of the world population. Whether it be shopping behaviour, political attitudes, or even assassinations – people can be influenced against their will. Needless to say, this is an incredible power. To stop Spider Tech, we created Operation Mindfall and chose you as our agents. Your task: Obtain the antidote to stop Spider Tech! You only have a limited amount of time – can you do it?

Australia’s Largest Arena

You are welcome to play in our big arenas, the largest of all Australia. Bring your team mates and roam into them. So grab your phasers and prepare to battle ! You rule the arena !

Helios Pro Generation Phasers

Our Helios pro generation phasers have got the perfect design for pro players. Every phaser is equiped with a touch screen that brings real time information, front clips and ajustable side straps.

Up to 30 Players

Bring from your closest friends to the larger group you have ! Family, friends, an entire school class, the place is big enough for everyone !

Over 20 Different Missions

With over 20 different types of missions, you will never get bored, example of game types (Solo, Teams, Infection, Vampire, Commanders, Midnight Madness and many more)

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Phone: (02) 9054 5990 Address:📍 3/175 James Ruse Dr, Rosehill