About League?
Laser Sporting is surprisingly athletic and a huge amount of fun. The difference between League and regular Laser Tag, is that you get to experience Laser Tag as part of an organised 5 person team. Your team will develop good communication and technical skills throughout the 10 week season to become a cohesive unit by EOT Comp.

Leagues caters for beginner to advanced skill levels. The learning curve is steep, but you will be learning from the best in the business!

Do I need to bring a team or can I join by myself?
You are welcome to join by yourself, with a friend or 2, or as a full team of 5. Previous experience has shown that full teams of 5 who intend to play together develop quicker by splitting in their first season or 2, so that they can be shown the ropes by a couple of experienced players, and then re-forming once they are a little more experienced.

What are the rules and game settings?
One of the things that makes Laser Sports different to other sports, is that each game has 3 teams; Red, Blue, Green. Each team has 5 players and a home base. Each player can destroy the enemy bases once each. So this means each team can destroy up to 10 bases per game.

You will pick up 3001 points for a base and 150 points for a tag on another player. A team's score is predominantly made up from tags and base destroys.

In a typical game, most teams will have a number of players (usually 2 or 3) protecting their home base and a couple of players (2 or 3) attacking the enemy bases. As players destroy enemy team bases they will need to return home to swap with a defending player who still needs to destroy the bases. All this coordination and swapping of players will be handled by your team captain. Your team captain is your coordinator inside the game.

Another big difference between public games and League games is base evacuation. Around each base is a set of fluro lines on the floor that indicate the perimeter of a base evacuation area. You need to be active to be in this area. This creates an area around the base stations that defending and attacking players battle over in order to protect or destroy the base. If you are in an evacuation area and you get tagged, you must leave the area before reactivating.

When a team becomes more advanced they gain an advantage by having defending players float out and collect tags when no one is attacking them. A team's ability to simultaneously collect tags, destroy bases and reduce other team's scores by defending bases determines their success.

Player Settings
The game format used in Wednesday & Sunday Leagues is different from standard games. The game is akin to the settings in the Australasian Laser Tag Titles.

It includes the following settings.

8 second Deactivation
2 shots per second
7 lives
45 shots


$15 Per Person


All Ages are welcome


6:30pm till 9:00pm

Every Wednesday and Sunday until end of term
(Dates may vary calling ahead is essential)

Leagues Dates 2018